Training for Radiological Protection Professionals

High quality training for all radiation protection professionals

Public Health England (PHE) is the UK's primary authority carrying out research to advance knowledge about protection from the risks of radiation. We provide world-leading products, services and training for the widest range of radiation protection professionals and organisations.

Our portfolio of professional-level courses has been designed for graduates and others wishing to embark on a career in radiation protection or those already in the field wishing to further their professional development. The training offered includes the Radiological Protection Training Scheme and a range of other courses on key scientific, technical and regulatory aspects.

Upcoming Courses

13-14 Mar 2018 2 days Chilton
£ 760 Details  Book
16-19 Apr 2018 4 days Chilton
£ 1,435 Details  Contact Us
14-17 May 2018 4 days Chilton
£ 1,535 Details  Book
18-22 Jun 2018 5 days Chilton
£ 1,685 Details  Book
24-27 Sep 2018 4 days Chilton
£ 1,535 Details  Book
15-18 Oct 2018 4 days Chilton
£ 1,535 Details  Book
19-22 Nov 2018 4 days Chilton
£ 1,535 Details  Book

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