Radiation Effects

Ken's area of research began in the field of tumour viruses (Hepatitis B Virus, Papillomavirus and Adeno-associated virus) and gradually extended to tumorigenesis, DNA damage, Radiobiology, Cardiovascular Disease, and Ageing. He was a member of Procardio, a European consortium which investigates low-dose radiation effects on cardiovascular disease. Some aspects of this research are carried out as part of the National Institute Health Research (UK) Health Protection Research Unit. His current research interests are in innate ageing and the impact of external factors (radiation, chemicals, and viruses) on human health.

While still actively carryout research in the laboratory, Ken continues to supervise students as he has done successfully for many years from his days at the Swiss Institute for Experimental Cancer Research and when he led a research group in the National Institute for Medical Research (MRC) in London. He is also actively involved in public engagement; bringing PHE research to the public in events such as New Scientists Live and through public lectures.