Radiochemistry Services

Extensive experience

We have diverse experience of working for UK and EU government organisations UK environment agencies, and water companies, local councils, food importers and oil, gas and petrochemical industries.

Design and consultancy expertise

The group has an international reputation for Environmental Dose Assessments, and can provide interpretation and advice on your results. Our highly skilled teams of chemists also bring their expertise to decommissioning programmes, test programme consultancy and the development and validation of custom analytical methods.

State-of-the-art facilities to meet the most sensitive analytical demands

Our new chemistry service can analyse metals, non-metals and organic chemicals in environmental, industrial, and radioactive samples. It is equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation capable of meeting the most sensitive analytical demands, enabling us to offer a comprehensive organic, inorganic and radiochemical analysis service from a single contact point.

Increased efficiency with combined services

Customers have easy access to expert advice and emergency response from PHE on all aspects of radiological protection. We offer combined services which can include Radiation Protection Adviser, Personal Dosimetry, training and other services. Ask about how our combined services can save your organisation time and money.

Comprehensive Radiochemistry Services

PHE provides a comprehensive range of very high quality sample collection and analysis services for the full range of gamma, beta and alpha emitters in land, water, air, food, and biological samples including:

  • Air monitoring and radiation analyses services
  • Bio-monitoring of tritium and metals in urine and faeces
  • Complete certificated onsite radioactive source leak test assessment
  • Comprehensive sample collection and analysis
  • Contaminated land and decommissioning
  • Dangerous goods advice
  • Emergency analysis  
  • Food and drink radioactivity analyses
  • Independent radioanalytical environmental materials testing
  • Laboratory facilities and techniques benchmarking
  • Leading independent radiochemical analysis
  • Naturally Occurring Radiation Material (NORM) including scale analysis
  • Waste and effluent analysis

Comprehensive support and advice

With over 40 years industry-leading radiochemistry experience PHE are also able to offer wide ranging radiochemistry consultancy including:

  • Periodic analysis on a framework contract
  • Combined Radiation Protection Adviser, training and testing packages
  • Custom method development
  • Environmental samples processing expertise
  • Emergency support and expertise
  • PHE radiation protection services portfolio
  • ISO 14001 Environmental management system development
  • One-stop radiochemical and chemical analysis
  • Radon collection and measurement
  • Risk assessment advice
  • Test program consultancy