Radiochemistry Services

Specialists with plenty of practical radiation protection experience deliver our courses. Lectures, group exercises and practical work are used in a mix that reflects the specific audience and their training needs.

Radiation Protection Laboratories Services course

The course is aimed at non-specialist scientists; regulators, Radiation Waste Advisors (RWA) and those involved administratively in monitoring for radioactivity in the environment.

The Introduction to Environmental Surveillance and Dose Assessment course runs at our training centres in Glasgow. The day usually begins at about 9am and ends at around 5pm, A nominated course manager, who is usually a member of our Radiation Protection Advisor team oversees the running of each course and remains on hand throughout to deal with queries that arise.

Regular breaks and an excellent buffet

With regular breaks and an excellent buffet lunch there is plenty of time to network with radiation protection professionals at all levels from a very wide range of industries and organisations.

Our radiation protection courses are VAT free

We're a recognised radiation protection training and education organisation. This means we can offer radiation courses VAT free.