IMBA® Professional Plus Internal Dosimetry Software

IMBA® Professional Plus, consists of a Base Unit, and a range of Add-Ons which increase functionality. Users can thus customise the software to meet their individual requirements.


Each Add-On can be purchased individually and increases the functionality of the Base Unit. The Add-Ons are grouped into 3 categories (A, B and C). A discount is available if all 5 Add-Ons in category A or B are purchased. When an Add-On is purchased, the customer will be sent an installation program for the Add-On by e-mail.



Base Module


The base unit is the core of IMBA Professional Plus and enables the user to perform basic internal dosimetry calculations. It implements the latest ICRP biokinetic and dosimetric models. 5 users. £ 2,200


Category A Add-Ons


Multiple Intake Regimes


This add-on enables the user to deal with up to 10 separate intake regimes simultaneously. £ 1,100


Multiple Bioassay Types


This add-on enables the user to fit the intake to different bioassay types simultaneously. £ 1,100


Associated Radionuclides


This add-on enables the user to specify up to 30 additional associated radionuclides, defining the amount of each with respect to the indicator radionuclide. £ 600


Uranium mixtures


This option enables users to specify a mixture of uranium isotopes (U-234, U-235, U-236 and U-238) for dose and bioassay calculations. £ 600


Uptake from wounds


This add on allows calculation of intakes from wounds. £ 600


Category B Add-Ons


Errors on Intake


In cases where an intake is being estimated from bioassay data this add-on will propagate the errors to calculate their contribution to the error in the estimate of intake. £ 600


Bayes Implementation


This add-on enables the user to use a Bayesian approach to estimate an intake. £ 2,200


Tritium Tool


This add-on enables the user to select up to 10 previous tritium measurements, and to fit simultaneously the best 10 intakes. £ 600


Compensation Type Calculations


This add-on enables the user to select an organ, and a date on which cancer was diagnosed in the organ. The program then calculates the equivalent dose to the organ in each (of up to 99) calendar years previous to the cancer diagnosis. £ 1,100


Ingrowth of Americium


This add-on allows the user to take ingrowth into account automatically when performing calculations of Am241 intake combined with Pu-241 intake. £ 600


Category C Add-Ons


Statistics Package


This allows the user to bring up useful statistical information immediately after fitting intakes to measurement data. £ 1,100


Ortec Import Tool


This allows the user to import measurement data into IMBA from the ORTEC Renaissance software. £ 600


Additional Radionuclides (Pack 1)


This add-on implements 62 frequently requested additional radionuclides. £ 1,100


Additional Radionuclides (Pack 2)


This add-on implements a further 603 additional radionuclides. £ 1,100


CANDU Models


This add-on implements chemical forms of hydrogen and carbon that occur in CANDU type reactors. £ 600



Special Deals


All 5 Category A add-ons purchased together. £ 3,300


All 5 Category B add-ons purchased together. £ 4,000


Prices exclude VAT




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