Environmental Radiological Assessment Services

The PHE Environmental Radiological Assessment Service has extensive experience of providing consultancy and expert guidance to government, industry and others.

We provide scientific and technical research, development and report publication in the following areas:

  • Emergency planning and response, including assessment of the consequences, strategies for early emergency response, public protection issues and probabilistic safety assessment.
  • Remediation strategies and contaminated land, including post-accident recovery and management of contaminated land arising from past practices.
  • Radiological impact of permitted liquid and atmospheric releases of radionuclides into the environment. Also extensive experience in the reconstruction of doses from past events and discharges.
  • Radiological aspects of solid waste management and disposal, for both nuclear and non-nuclear industries.
  • Transport of radioactive material, including assessment and advice relating to international and national regulations.

If you need support with any work related to any of the topics above or any other work related to radiological assessments, please call or email us to discuss your requirements.