Environmental Radiological Assessment Services

Renowned expertise that builds longstanding client and supplier relationships

PHE provide world-leading radiation protection products, services, training and expertise to UK and EU government agencies and to a wide range of commercial organisations.

We are equally effective supporting individual specialists or multi-country organisations and have developed many longstanding client and supplier relationships. To access our services, please call us or send us a web enquiry. We'll be very pleased to advise you. Examples of customers and our work include:

UK Government

  • A handbook to help develop a recovery strategy following a radiation incident for national and local authorities, emergency services, radiation protection experts, agriculture and food production sectors, the water industry and others who may be affected.
  • A number of studies looking at the consequences of radiation accidents and incidents
  • A survey into the radiological impact of the transport of radioactive material by air

Waste producers and management companies

Assessment of doses from

  • Proposed authorised discharges for pharmaceutical companies and nuclear licensed sites
  • Disposal and discharges of NORM waste
  • Radiological impact of disposals to landfills and incinerators

Nuclear industry

  • Assessment of doses from atmospheric and liquid discharges using PC-CREAM 08
  • Assessment of doses from recycling and disposal of waste from the demolition of buildings
  • Training in the use of accident consequence codes
  • Peer review of models

International organisations

  • Assessment of the doses to the EU population from EU nuclear power stations and reprocessing sites
  • Participation in the European Commission PREPARE project which is looking at issues specifically identified following the Fukushima event
  • Contributors to UNSCEAR assessment of levels and effects of radiation exposure due to the Fukushima nuclear accident