Dental X-ray Protection Services

We provide a simple three-year contract covering all:-

  • Radiation protection advice
  • X-ray equipment assessments

Radiation Protection Adviser contract

This includes:

  • Appointment of PHE as RPA (as required by IRR17)
  • Appointment of an MPE (as required by IRMER17)
  • Provision of general advice on radiological protection; includes being available to answer your telephone and email queries and provision of formal reports containing advice and recommendations
  • Review of radiography arrangements in the workplace (including assistance with drawing up risk assessments, local rules etc)
  • Prompt assessment of plans for new installations and modifications
  • Advice on quality assurance (QA) programmes
  • Provision of QA test object for assessment of processing/imaging systems
  • Advice on staff training
  • Provision of a Radiation Protection File to assist with documentation, correspondence, record keeping etc
  • Assistance in the unlikely event of a radiation incident, including a practice visit if necessary
  • In addition to X-ray equipment practices must consider the risk from radon. This is also included in the service. To find out more about Radon click here

You will be assigned a named contact within PHE who will usually provide all advice to the practice. If for any reason your usual contact is unavailable within the timescale you need advice, we will ensure another adviser responds to your query.  All correspondence takes place remotely (ie with documentation being reviewed via the post, email, telephone advice etc).  In the unlikely event of a radiation incident, a practice visit would be carried out, if deemed necessary, at no extra charge.

Click to go to our Resources Page for our current contract Terms and Conditions and Pricing and Ordering to take up a contract.

X-ray equipment assessments

Routine assessments of your X-ray equipment

National guidance states that, once installed, intra oral, panoramic and cephalometric dental X-ray equipment should be tested at least once every three years in the United Kingdom (every two years in the Republic of Ireland). In order for PHE to be an effective RPA/MPE we feel that we must be involved in these equipment assessments and therefore make it a contractual requirement that these tests are carried out using our service.

Assessments can be ordered direct with us or via an appropriate trade company.Click for a list of trade companies.

Critical examinations (CE) and Acceptance Testing

When an X-ray set is installed, modified or relocated the installer/engineer is required to carry out a CE to ensure that the equipment is safe to use. Your engineer should therefore arrange this test for you. In addition to this, the user (i.e. dentist) is required to arrange for an acceptance test. This is to ensure that the equipment is fit for purpose prior to first clinical use. The two types of test do overlap to a large extent and as such many installers/engineers will combine the two. All dental trade companies that use PHE as their RPA will undertake both of these tests for you. Click for a list of trade companies.

More information regarding the range of X-ray sets assessed and how these are carried out can be found in our range of X-ray equipment assessments.