Dental X-ray Protection Services

Register with the HSE prior to the practice opening. See Notification of work with ionising radiations on the HSE website.
Obtain copies of relevant legislation and guidance – Click to locate these from our resources area.
Appoint RPA and MPE - contact us to request an RPA/MPE contract.
Send plans of the new premises to RPA for comment. This should be done prior to the X-ray equipment being installed and in sufficient time to allow for any necessary changes or additions to be incorporated into the design/layout.*
Make arrangements with the installer to ensure a critical examination (CE) is carried out. Click to see on our resources area the list of trade companies who use our test pack for critical examinations.
Make arrangements for an Acceptance Test to be carried out, this can usually be combined with the CE.
Draft prior radiation risk assessment and local rules, the RPA should assist with this. *
Establish the procedures required by IRMER17, the MPE will be able to help with this. *
Appoint a RPS (someone in the practice).

* All included in our RPA/MPE service