Dental X-ray Protection Services

PHE advice

PHE's extensive team of experienced staff is available to guide you through the complex compliance process. The need for advice page provides further information.

Our customers benefit from the continuity of advice provided through a named PHE contact with whom they are able to build up a close working relationship. Experience shows that the practice team needs access to advice at a time that fits into the busy practice schedule and there is always somebody available from the radiation protection team to answer your queries.

X-ray set assessments

PHE prompts the testing of your X-ray equipment (see RPA and MPE service for dental practices). The simple to use postal packs are despatched when testing is due and you can then carry the tests out at a time that suits you. Assessments requiring a visit from PHE staff are arranged for a mutually convenient time.

Urgent requests for advice

We recognise that there are occasions (e.g. when there is a practice inspection pending or when your plans for new installations need assessing) that require an urgent response. We work together with your practice team to ensure a prompt response and meet your timescales.

PHE radiation protection adviser contract

One simple contract gives you access to PHE's comprehensive radiation protection service. Our customer satisfaction rate is high and we automatically issue contract renewals (something else you don't have to think about) ensuring continuity of cover.

Details of our contract can be found on RPA and MPE service for dental practices.

Contact us now to see how we can assist and simplify compliance.