Training for Radiological Protection Professionals

UK Legislation and International Recommendations
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This course is essential for all those pursuing a career in radiation protection in the UK, and is ideal for overseas students who require knowledge of the UK regulatory framework. Although aimed primarily at the Radiation Protection Adviser/ Qualified Expert, it is also relevant to others with extensive duties or responsibilities in supervising work with ionising radiations.

Our courses are taught to a high standard. Learning is further supported by comprehensively equipped training venues and in-depth, reference quality printed course information. Everything is done to give students a detailed understanding and competency in the skills being taught.

The course is certificated.


A comprehensive understanding of the UK regulatory framework

The course is designed to enable students to become very familiar with UK radiation protection legislation, its international origins, and current international recommendations. The more fundamental UK legislation will be examined in detail. A prior detailed knowledge of the legislation is not required but a general understanding may be helpful during the discussion sessions and group exercises.

It is strongly recommended that students should either have attended The Foundation in Radiological Protection course or have a detailed understanding of its content. This certificated course is assessed by short examination.



By the end of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the UK legislative framework and international recommendations/conventions
  • Describe the basis of UK radiation protection legislation and its embodiment within The Health and Safety at Work Act (HASWA)
  • Understand the structure and content of the Management of Health and Safety at Work Regulations
  • Understand and apply the Environmental Permitting Regulations or Radioactive Substances Act to a number of practical situations and produce meaningful solutions
  • Understand the requirements of the Nuclear Installations Act/The Energy Act
  • Understand and apply the content of the Ionising Radiations Regulations to a number of practical situations and produce meaningful solutions
  • Understand and apply the content of the Radioactive Material (Road Transport) Regulations to a number of practical situations and produce meaningful solutions
  • Describe the general principles and objectives of other relevant pieces of legislation

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