Training for Radiological Protection Professionals

Selection, Use and Testing of Radiological Protection Instrumentation
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This course is for everyone with responsibility for advising on the selection of radiation monitoring equipment, for ensuring that instruments are examined and tested in accordance with statutory requirements, and for advising on its use.

This course is designed for students who have completed The Foundation in Radiological Protection course. It is also suitable for students with a good knowledge of radiation protection principles and practice, and of the interactions of radiation with matter.

Our courses are taught to a high standard. Learning is further supported by comprehensively equipped training venues and in-depth, reference quality printed course information. Everything is done to give students a detailed understanding and competency in the skills being taught.

The course is certificated.


Practical exercises and lectures

The course provides an in-depth, theoretical and practical introduction to the use and testing of radiological protection instrumentation. Practical exercises, group exercises and visits within PHE are used to supplement lectures and reinforce learning. Most lectures teach the subject in a qualitative manner, for the few topics that use applied maths to illustrate learning points, additional teaching support is offered, where needed.



By the end of the course, the student will be able to:

  • Describe the roles of the various national and international bodies that impact on the setting of performance criteria for Radiological monitoring equipment
  • State the UK statutory requirements in respect of Radiological monitoring equipment and explain how these are satisfied
  • Explain what is meant by type test, testing before use, and periodic examination and test
  • Describe the principles of operation of commonly used Radiological monitoring equipment
  • Outline the essential performance characteristics of the various categories of equipment
  • Describe the consequences of statistical effects on radiation measurement
  • Assess the likely radiation fields in the workplace, based on sources of radiation, shielding, and scatter
  • Select appropriate Radiological monitoring equipment according to radiation fields to be monitored and practical aspects
  • Explain the correct way of using Radiological monitoring equipment

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