Health Protection and Epidemiology Training

Outbreak Investigation: a practical course
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Course overview

Understanding of issues and problems faced when investigating outbreaks

  • Outbreak investigation: when and why to undertake analytical studies
  • Developing trawling questionnaires and generating hypotheses

It will also develop your skills and confidence in common statistical packages and software and give an insight into the legal framework.

  • Use of statistical methods to: measure associations
  • Allow for confounding
  • Interpretation of results


Who will benefit?

Public health consultants and allied health professionals, environmental health practitioners/ officers, microbiologists and professionals working in communicable disease control and health protection.



  • Update and refresh skills in outbreak investigation and analysis
  • Understand impact of environmental investigations
  • Identify hazards and risks
  • Develop confidence in applying control measures and generating hypothesis
  • Develop skills and confidence in interpreting results obtained in analytical outbreak investigations.


Course content

Day 1: Detection and Investigation of Outbreaks

An interactive day taking you through the stages of an outbreak investigation; provide you with practical tools and an understanding of currents methods, advances and real examples:
  • Detection and control measures
  • Epidemiology, microbiology, environmental investigations and on-going control measure
  • Microbiology
  • Descriptive epidemiology and hypothesis generation
  • Analytical study design

Day 2: Analytical methods

An interactive day taking you through analytical outbreak investigation and discussion of results for a number of outbreaks.
  • Attack rates
  • Relative risk / Odds ratio
  • Confounding
  • Interpretation of results
  • Stratified analysis
  • Evaluation of all available evidence
  • Communication


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Gloria Wilson
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