Radiation Safety Training for the Workplace

RPS - Refresher
Online 3 days £ 650
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Who is this course aimed at?

This is a course for those who are active in the role of Radiation Protection Supervisor and who wish to update their knowledge of legislation and practical issues. IRR17 Regulation 15(1)(e) states:

"The employer must ensure that the giving of training and information is repeated at appropriate intervals"

Those attending should have attended a Radiation Protection Supervisors' course in the past 5 years.


What is the course about?

This course updates the audience on recent legislation, and refreshes their knowledge of basic principles of radiation protection. The course covers all standard industrial uses of ionising radiation, although exercises will be tailored to the interests of those attending.


What are the benefits of this course?

Those attending this course will:

  • review the basic concepts including the nature and properties of ionising radiation, the effects of exposure and radiation protection terminology
  • become up to date with current legislation governing
    • Occupational exposure to radiation
    • Holding of radioactive material
    • The accumulation and disposal of radioactive waste
    • The security and other requirements for High Activity Sealed Sources
    • The transport of radioactive material
  • refresh their skills in handling day-to-day RPS duties as well as non-routine ocurrances


Course overview

The programme runs over two full days (face to face) or three shorter days (online) and comprises of interactive talks and group exercises in equal measure. Speakers, who are drawn from our pool of experienced specialists and advisers, provide updates on new technologies, new legislation and best practice and are happy to take questions throughout.

Training Course Dates

28-30 September 2021 3 days Online £ 650
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9-11 November 2021 3 days Online £ 650
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