Radiation Safety Training for the Workplace

RPS - X-Rays
Online 3 days £ 650
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Who is this course aimed at?

This is a course for those appointed to the role of Radiation Protection Supervisor, with responsibility for equipment that generates x-rays. No prior knowledge of radiation safety is assumed although those attending should have a working knowledge of the equipment to be supervised.


What is the course about?

This course teaches the basic principles of radiation protection in relation to x-ray generators including those used for industrial radiography, screening equipment, hand-held and desk-top x-ray fluorescence analysers and diffractometers and equipment that produces adventitious x-rays, for example electron beam welders or ion implanters.


What are the benefits of this course?

Those attending this course will:

  • Learn about x-rays; their nature and properties and the effects of ionising radiation on the body
  • Learn more about the requirements of legislation governing occupational exposure to radiation
  • Recognise the hazards of working with x-rays and why it is important to keep exposures "as low as reasonably practicable" (ALARP)
  • Understand and how some basic principles can be put into practice to achieve ALARP
  • Learn good working practices such as the use of radiation monitors, dealing with emergencies etc
  • Understand what is required of them in their role as RPS.


Course overview

The programme covers the necessary legal and practical requirements and runs over two full days (face to face) or four shorter days (on-line). The teaching is engaging and interactive, with relevant practical and group exercises to ensure the subject matter can be applied in practice. Speakers are selected from our pool of specialists and advisers, who are happy to answer questions throughout the course.

There is an optional written assessment at the end of the course.

Training Course Dates

21-23 September 2021 3 days Online £ 650
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23-25 November 2021 3 days Online £ 650
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