PHE Chromosomal Dosimetry Services

Research Gate profile

Mingzhu has a research background in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering including a number of publications and patents. She also has a wide range of knowledge and hands-on experience in Biomedical Sciences, such as cellular therapy and stem cells. More recently, Mingzhu has become an established radiation scientist of cytogenetic techniques for radiation biodosimetry, particularly application of the cytogenetic dicentric, cytokinesis-block micronucleus and FISH translocation assays for routine and emergency response. Mingzhu has held a number of research grants and is currently contributing to development of the Premature Chromosome Condensation Assay (PCC) within PHE and to the NIH CMCR RTGene and NIHR HPRU projects focused on biomarkers of exposure and effect for radiotherapy patients.