PHE Chromosomal Dosimetry Services

Research Gate profile

Jayne is a Ph. D. biology graduate with more than 30 years of experience as a Radiation Protection Scientist at PHE's Centre for Radiation, Chemical and Environmental Effects.
As a Principal Radiation Protection Scientist in the Cytogenetics Group, Jayne has co-authored over 70 papers on experimental and medical aspects of radiation cytogenetics and biological dosimetry, using the dicentric, micronucleus, FISH-translocation and γ-H2AX assays.
In particular, Jayne explores the application of biomarker assays for accidental and occupational exposure scenarios, most recently for the NIHR HPRU project "Chemical and Radiation Threats and Hazards" in collaboration with Newcastle University and for a US NIH funded CMCR project, both of which are focused on development of biomarkers for radiotherapy patients.

Jayne is a key member of staff for PHE's Chromosomal Dosimetry Service for routine and emergency biodosimetry, managing the laboratory, training new scientists from across the globe, and ensuring that the Group's research outputs feed directly into maintenance of a world class service.