Applied Psychological Sciences

Dr Holly Carter is a Research Fellow in the Behavioural Science Research Team. Her research interests include factors which affect public behaviour during mass emergencies and disasters, in particular the role of effective responder communication in improving positive outcomes during mass decontamination. Holly has completed a PhD in crowd behaviour during incidents involving mass decontamination. The focus of this research was on the mediating role of social identity processes between effective responder communication and positive behavioural and psychological outcomes during mass decontamination. Holly's expertise includes: designing and implementing online and field experiments; questionnaire design and development; designing and carrying out semi-structured interviews and focus groups; thematic and content analysis of interview and focus group transcripts; collection and analysis of observational data; carrying out a range of statistical analyses using SPSS; participant recruitment and management; and undertaking literature reviews.

Holly is interested in psychosocial aspects of mass emergencies and disasters, and in factors which affect the way in which members of the public respond to recommendations and interventions implemented by the authorities. In particular, how effective communication from the authorities can increase public perceptions of the legitimacy of different interventions, and how perceptions of legitimacy can increase public compliance with recommended actions.